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Chemistry platform

Chemie Plattform

Sustainable innovations as well as digitalization represent new strategic and structural challenges for the chemical industry. Changing competitive conditions and the societal demand for efficient and environmentally friendly use of resources are leading to comprehensive restructuring. The development of innovative technologies to increase the efficiency of production processes and the relevance towards a sustainable circular economy are focus areas of the “Chemiewende”.

Within the German Startups Association, the chemistry platform actively supports the change in development towards an intelligent utilization of natural raw materials and sees itself as the first point of contact for sustainable and digital adjustment in chemistry. Aligning the overall tasks and goals of the German Startups Association, the mission statements of the chemistry platform are:

Chemiestandorte stehen vor neuen strategischen und strukturellen Herausforderungen. Sich verändernde Wettbewerbsbedingungen und die gesellschaftliche Forderung, Ressourcen effizient und umweltschonend zu nutzen, führen zu umfassenden Umstrukturierungen in der Chemieindustrie. Die Entwicklung neuer Technologien, die Effizienz von Produktionsprozessen zu steigern und die Wertschöpfungskette Richtung Circular Economy umzugestalten, ist ein Schwerpunkt dieser Chemiewende.

Die Plattform Chemie wurde im Juni 2017 gegründet und greift diese Entwicklung aktiv auf. Innerhalb des Startup-Verbands versteht sich die Chemie Plattform als erster Ansprechpartner für den nachhaltigen und digitalen Wandel in der Chemie. Den übergeordneten Aufgaben und Zielen des Startup-Verbands folgend sieht sie sich in ihrer Mission bestimmt:

Latest News

The enormous demand for the development of the German chemistry (Chemiewende) startup ecosystem bring together a cross-disciplinary team of stakeholders of six organisations to form a joint initiative: the ‘Forum Startup Chemie’ (FSC).

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Chemie Chemistry Platform Bundesverband Deutsche Startups

Mission Statements

1. Networking communication with the chemistry “Chemiewende” startup ecosystem

2. Voice of startups to proactively establish a founder-friendly environment for startups in society

3. Visibility and support of chemistry startups

4. Driving the mega trends of sustainability and digitalization in the chemical industry, to ensure competitiveness

5. Accelerate and facilitate business relationships with startup companies, e.g. the implementation of standard contracts for cooperation

6. Expansion of the Chemistry4Innovation network

7. Motivation of students/ PhDs to found new startup companies

8. Establishment of the German Mittelstand network




Marie Westphal

Chemistry Platform Manager

030 397 147 91

[email protected]

You want to get involved with your startup in the chemistry platform? Then become a member and contact us at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you, your ideas and your commitment to a better Chemie(-wende) ecosystem in Germany!

The chemistry platform is also open to support members, ie for established companies from the Chemie(-wende) field.