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3rd ChiP – Chemie in Praxis

Berlin, April 20, 2018

On April 6, the 3rd ChiP – Chemie in Praxis on the topic of “Digitalization in the chemical industry” was held in Germany’s leading science and technology park Berlin Adlershof. 

Chemie(-wende) startups like DexLeChem (also member of the Chemistry Platform network within the German Startups Association) was invited to participate as the speaker. In cooperation with the JungChemikerInnenForum JCF Berlin of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) and the Chemical Industry Network (VCW), we have arranged the event. Bringing young scientists, industry representatives and entrepreneurs from chemistry and related fields of science together. Fruitful discussions about the digital adjustment in chemistry and its resulted new business models in the industry is one outstanding positive aspect of the 3rd ChiP 2018.

Chemistry startups and representatives of the industry have been inspired by the topic of 'Digitalization in the chemical Industry', exchanging various perspectives regarding the megatrend of digitalization in chemistry.

Starting off with 'Digital opportunities and risks for the chemical industry', Sascha Peter (Director Monitor Deloitte Strategy) presented the latest results from a study by Deloitte and VCI (Verband der chemischen Industrie e.V.) on 'Chemistry 4.0: Growth through innovation in a transforming world'. On the basis of the studies analyses, he particularly emphasized, that the chemical industry should no longer see itself solely as a material supplier - companies need to set new strategic goals, review business models, enhance resources, transform corporate culture, establish co-operations and platforms as well as develop new concepts for participation.

This narrative was shared by Dr. Christian Ritschel from the Berlin startup Enlighten Sciences, which is a Spin-off from the DLR_School_Labs of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). In his talk he outlined how the endless possibilities of the digital age can improve STEM teaching in schools.

In regards to “Big Data vs. Data Security”, Nikolay Kladt (Data Scientist from Altana) and Julia Hagen (Expert on Digital Health at Bitkom) shed light on what new business models in the chemical industry are doing, in a talk they gave.

Mathis Gruber’s (Head Theoretical Modeling, DexLeChem) talk on how ‘Python is the new office’ presented digital challenges for graduates in chemistry. Mathis stated that “Quantum chemical simulations and computational chemistry are getting increasingly more important along the industry value chain.“ Furthermore,  he said “Python should also be standard knowledge for chemists to understand and optimize performances of chemical processes directly.”

The Communication Coach Susanne Geu, inspired the audience, addressing the benefits of social media in professional life. Susanne explained “You should be active as a chemist in social media, in order to increase the visibility of your research as well as to boost your career opportunities.”

The closing panel discussion, with all speakers, focused on questions of new job opportunities for graduates in chemistry as well as career paths in the Chemie(-wende) ecosystem.

For the required internationalization of the German chemical startup scene, an engagement of additional players is necessary who upscale this essential movement. If you are interested in the chemical platform of he German Startups Association, please contact [email protected].