Mission of the German Startups Association

With the Africa desk /Africa corridor of the German Startups Association we intend to cross-link the German and the African Startup Ecosystem

  • to connect founders, startups, corporates and supporters in a broad network between Germany and Africa,
  • to learn from each other through the exchange of experiences and knowledge,
  • to realize synergies in pursuing business and market opportunities, and
  • to speak cross-border with one voice for the establishment of a founder-friendly environment.
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Why Africa?

Africa as a continent is the last major growth market with nearly unlimited opportunities for business and growth in 54 countries. The success stories of various African countries over the past few years showcase the potential and the speed Africa has to offer. Africa is more and more on the radar of investors, corporates, entrepreneurs, policymaker as well as Africa related institutions to support and sustain this growth. Foreign investors and companies who have already done the Market Entry are sharing their success stories and are planning to expand into more African markets.

By 2050 we will see nearly 2bn people on the African continent with a growing middle class as well as rapidly changing consumer demands and spending. Already by 2035 Africa will have the worldwide largest workforce potential with a median age below 35 years. In combination with new skills, in particular digital capabilities, this workforce is able to close demographical gaps in the Western world. This young population forms the so called “Digital Natives” and they will shape Africa’s future in fast and innovative way.

In addition, Africa has a very dynamic startup ecosystem where startups mainly focus on developing solutions for the daily-life challenges. Many of those products and services are novelties in Africa, such as micro payments, micro credits, the establishment of African social networks, telemedicine and other inventions dealing with the provision of basic Services.

Regarding the African startup ecosystem we see

  • an increase of innovation centres and TechHubs like iHub (Kenya), KLab (Rwanda) and Kumasi Hive (Ghana) with Access to internet, trainings and counselling,
  • more than 400 active incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces on the continent as well as a growing number of tech conferences,
  • successful examples of startups such as TaxiJetm wigroup, Giraffe, M-Farm, M-Pesa or SafeMotos and FOYO,
  • a growing interest of global tech companies to involve the African startup  capabilities to develop their products,
  • “leap frogging” as a key characteristic of the startups to overcome the lack of infrastructure in various sectors, and
  • a presence of startups in nearly all areas and Segments.

We look forward to people joining this network and helping to realize our vision. Please reach out to us to start the conversation.


Christian Lindfeld

Dr. Christian Lindfeld
Head of Coordination

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