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International Research

To get to know and understand the European startup ecosystem, we initiated the European Startup Monitor (ESM) in 2015. This was been done with the support of our corporate partners: KPMG, Telefónica and Google. As the first Europe-wide comprehensive startup study, the ESM aims to increase transparency in the European startup ecosystem, collect important demographic information of the founders, as well as uncover and compare specific challenges of startups in Europe. 

Building on the experiences with the German Startup Monitor founder, as well as members of the Management Board of startups in Europe and Israel, we have invited several ESM network partners to take part in the online survey. This survey is now offered six different languages. Network partners of the ESM are national startup associations and experts from their respective ecosystems. In addition, this cooperation includes partnerships with both European academic partners and the European Commission. 

The “1st ESM” was officially launched in March 2016, and featured about 2,300 startups participating in the survey, which was a total representation of more than 31,000 employees from all European Member States and Israel. The ESM was able to map concrete challenges and needs the participating startups, which then created a basis able to make concrete suggestions for improving the startup environment in Europe. The ESM should help to reflect the necessary fields of action to the European Commission and to stimulate more establishment-friendly legislative processes, as well as to provide information on more specific measures. More information and full copy of the studies are available for download on the website of the ESM.

In the future, the ESM will be published by the European Startup Network (ESN), which has been formed on the basis of the strong cooperation during the course of the data collection for the European Startup Monitor. The ESN is the European umbrella association of national representatives of startup, with the goal to share best practices for developing a unified European startup and bring together existing data and research. By advancing these goals, advice can be given on how to soft land startups when internationalising within Europe.