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Q Chem Workshop – Bringing entrepreneurs and the chemical industry closer together

The chemical industry being the third biggest in Germany offers huge potential for entrepreneurs to foster innovation and generate new business models. Striving for the exploitation of this potential, the concept of the Q Chem workshop is unique in Germany. In cooperation with the TUMentrepreneurship of the TechnicalUniversity of Munich and Chemie Cluster Bayern as well as promising chemistry startups, entrepreneurs and reputable corporates, the Chemistry Platform of the German Startups Association will host a half day interactive workshop including keynote speeches, discussions and pitches. The substantial focus of the Q Chem Workshop lays on the issue of digitalization of the chemical industry and the identification of its new and disruptive business potential. Together with industry experts who will provide all participants hands-on support during the whole workshop we aim for the creation of new business models.

The Q Chem Workshop therefore addresses entrepreneurs and motivated students.

Join and support our efforts to foster innovation, bringing entrepreneurs and the chemical industry closer together!

How? Take part in the Q Chem Workshop on the November 29, 2019 at TUM Entrepreneurship Center in Garching!


What’s the Q Chem Workshop about?

The Q Chem Workshop addresses chemists, business students, scientists, as well as entrepreneurs, and aims to generate new business models for the third biggest industry in Germany. Its interactive methods are inspired by the ‘Idea Generation Methodology’ from the Oxford University. Industry experts, startups, as well as the TUM Entrepreneurship Center, the Chemie Cluster Bayern and the German Startups Association are available on site and provide hands-on support during the whole workshop.

During the Chemistry Goes Digital event in November 2018, more than 50 experts from chemistry and tech startups, established chemical companies, and universities as well as other experts worked side by side on creating an inventory of the chemical industry when it comes to digitalization and identified new business potential. You can find out more about the previous Q Chem Workshop here.

Q Chem Workshop Mannheim
Q Chem Workshop Mannheim

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For more information, please contact Marie Westphal (Chemistry Platform Manager).



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Quick Facts

Von: 29 November 2019 10:00 - 14:00 Uhr
Ort: TUM Entrepreneurship Center
Adresse: Lichtenbergstraße 6
85748 Garching Deutschland

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