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Research Rally 2018 - Berlin (Research & Insight specialist hacking startup challenges)

20. April 2018 | 9.00 - 19.00

Are you a B2C startup in need for real insights? Would like to take advantage of working with a team of research, insights and data specialists helping you to gather meaningful insights, interpret them and translate them to an actionable business recommendation to help you grow your business and reduce the iteration phases? Then this is THE event for you! And it's FREE too!

NO STRINGS ATTACHED - the organiser ( is doing this to put insight professionals in the seat of a startup - so they learn from you how to think and work lean and agile, while you learn some methodologies and gather real-time insights.

You ll get access to an online survey tool from a leading provider to send your questions to an international panel - you decide on the demographics depending on your audience. Furthermore you will be guided to conduct some qualitative research if that suits your situation.

Interested? Read more directly on the website and sign up as "startup".

We'll then get in touch to define the details of your challenge!

This event is organised by ESOMAR, the global trade association and voice of the data, research and insights community and supported by StartupBootcamp and Mindspace.

Ort: Mindspace, Friedrichstraße 68, 10117 Berlin, Germany


Unser Event-Kalender ist offen. Wenn du ein Event hast, welches wir in unserem Kalender veröffentichen sollen, fülle bitte dieses Formular aus. Wir prüfen und stellen dann ggf. online.



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