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The German Startups Association

The German Startups Association was founded in 2012 and is the representative of startups in Germany. Our unique bottom up approach is reflected in all that we do. Headquartered in Berlin with fourteen regional representations, we are constantly growing. Bringing together more than 700 startups from various sectors and in all stages and over 50 corporate members and business angels to create synergies between old and new economy. It is our aim to advise on legislation, connect founders, startups, and investors to create a broad network within an entrepreneurial friendly environment. By fostering these relationships, the German Startups Association builds bridges between global startup hubs, nations and continents. We undertake research both on a national and international level to create much needed evidence for the importance of startups and foster active international exchange with startup tours to New York, Tel Aviv and the Silicon Valley.


Our Tasks

As a representative and voice of startups in Germany we are committed to establishing a founder-friendly environment. Opening up a dialogue with decision-makers in politics, we develop proposals that encourage a culture of self-employment and reduce the barriers to starting a business. We promote innovative entrepreneurship and want to establish an entrepreneurship mentality in society. We want to connect founders, startups and their friends with each other as a broad network.

Public Relations

We are committed to building a positive image of startups in society by launching campaigns and organizing events. Through research, we emphasize the importance of startups in Germany.

Political Lobbying

We develop political agendas that are relevant to startups and represent them in the political field, with a functioning startup ecosystem in mind.


Our priority is establishing a network of regional startup initiatives in Germany. Additionally, we work with industry associations, major institutions and established businesses.

The Association

It is very important to us to represent the German startup landscape in a democratic, heterogeneous and representative manner..


Our regular members vote to determine courses of action in the general meeting


Friends, sponsors and other stakeholders in the startup world who assist us operationally and financially.

The Board

As entrepreneurs themselves, they work in an honorary capacity to lead and represent the association.


Regional representatives provide a nationwide network and presence.

Advisors & Team

The board, the management and the staff handle the day-to-day business.


The German Startups Association conducts research on both the national and the international level.

Based on a lack of available data on startups and entrepreneurship, the German Startups Association initiated a now annual startup study for Germany, known as the German Startup Monitor (Deutscher Startup Monitor), in 2013. This pioneering work has been continued in 2016 with the publication of the first European Startup Monitor (ESM). Both studies strictly use primary data collected by means of an online questionnaire open to founders and managers of startups. The aim is to collect important demographic information, uncover the concrete challenges of startups, and map out economic policy initiatives to strengthen entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, as a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), the German Startups Association actively represent the Federal Republic of Germany in a global research network of 160 countries and seeks to expand its international relations. Within the GEN, we participate in international conferences and research projects contributing to the development of the global startup ecosystem.