For the first time, Chemistry Goes Digital created an inventory of the chemical industry when it comes to digitalization!

Chemistry Goes Digital featured discussions and mappings of the challenges of digitalization in the chemical industry within the value chain stages of Procurement, Research & Development, Production, Marketing & Sales as well as Supply Chain, and identified so far untapped business opportunities when the results were compared with a map of the solutions offered by digital (chemistry) startups. ‘Chemistry goes Digital’ was organized by the Chemistry Platform of the German Startups Association (Startup-Verband), the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the Chemical Invention Factory (CIF) in partnership with the Smart Data Forum (SDF). Also our kind partners and sponsors BASF and Covestro professionally supported this event.

Event initiator Sonja Jost (Board Member German Startups Association) welcomed all participants warmly and motivated to actively join the biggest mapping of the challenges of digitalization in the history of the chemical industry.

The keynotes by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäcker (Scientific Director of Chemical Invention Factory) and Prof. Dr. Volker Markl (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) clarified the importance of both branches and how these sectors ultimately benefit from each other. ‘The development of chemical processes needs support from digital technologies’ said Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäcker. Further Prof. Dr. Volker Markl emphazised that new algorithms and machine learning with respect to chemical processes are very helpful for the chemical industry.

Chemistry Goes Digital 2018
Chemistry Goes Digital 2018
Chemistry Goes Digital 2018
Chemistry Goes Digital 2018

In the following panel discussion moderated by Sonja Jost, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schomäcker, Prof. Dr. Volker Markl and Marie-Lousie Sadakane (Digital Transformation Consultant and Former Marketing Head Spotify) talked about how data science and artificial intelligence can specifically optimize processes in the chemical industry and can also foster innovation and science in general. Then, digital chemistry and tech startups pitched their latest digital technologies in the field of AI, VR, and Maschine Learning, and demonstrated successful applications in the chemical industry. BASF “… want to be prepared for the digital disruption” therefore BASF is looking for digital innovation partners and pitched its latest ‘Digital Challenges’ project for startups (note for startups: application possible until January 15, 2019 (1st round)).

After the working lunch break, four intense workshop hours of exchanging, developing and rating ideas & technology how the chemical industry can put data to work was the key challenge of Chemistry Goes Digital. Startups provided hands-on support during the whole workshop sessions as moderators: Procurement (Foxbase & Porosil), R&D (Labfolder & Creative Quantum), Production (DexLeChem), Supply Chain (SustAnalyze & Packwise), and Marketing & Sales (Chembid).  

Thank you to all participants, we hope you had a great time! Thank you to our kind partners and sponsors BASF and Covestro as well as our cooperation partners Smart Data Forum, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and the Chemical Invention Factory for their amazing support! Also a big thank you to the two graphic recorders who did an incredible job by managing to be in five parallel workshop streams at the same time!! 

*A summary report on workshop results can be purchased by the German Startups Association.** The ‘Chemistry Goes Digital’ report contains an introduction, a summary, and all workshop results of the Research & Development, Procurement, Production, Marketing & Sales, and Supply Chain stream. Additionally, respective graphic records map all results, startups, and where “white spots” are graphically. Please contact Marie Westphal for further information.

**Supporting members of the German Startups Association get 25% discount off the prize.

Get a small teaser of the Chemistry Goes Digital 2018 report here.










THE Q CHEM WORKSHOP 2019: Where entrepreneurship meets innovation

„Bringing entrepreneurs and the chemical industry closer together“ – After last year’s amazing feedback, Q Chem entered its second round in Mannheim!

The chemical industry being the third biggest in Germany offers huge potential for entrepreneurs to foster innovation and generate new business models. Striving for the exploitation of this potential, the concept of the Q Chem workshop is unique in Germany. In cooperation with the Q Summit, promising chemistry startups such as DexLeChemWeltenmacher, and Fairwindel, and reputable corporates such as LANXESSBASF, and Digital Hub Mannheim/ Ludwigshafen, we hosted a half day interactive workshop including keynote speeches, discussions and pitches on April 26, 2019 in Mannheim.

Event initiator Sonja Jost (Vice Chairwoman of the German Startups Association & CEO DexLeChem GmbH) has guided through the workshop with inspirational lectures as well as hands-on support by the creation of new business models.

Q Chem Workshop Mannheim
Q Chem Workshop Mannheim

It is time to bring entrepreneurship and the chemical industry closer together

Based on the Q Chem Workshop 2018 results as well as the results of the Chemistry Goes Digital event in November 2018, we further work on so far untapped business ideas for the chemical industry. During the Chemistry Goes Digital event, more than 50 experts from chemistry and tech startups, established chemical companies, and universities as well as other experts came together to work closely side by side in order to identify challenges and business potential. It was the first time in history of the chemical industry, that we have created an inventory of the chemical industry when it comes to digitalization. (Get a small teaser of the Chemistry Goes Digital 2018 report here.*)

The substantial focus of Q Chem 2019 layed on these issues of digitalization of the chemical industry and the identification of its new and disruptive business potential. Furthermore, the event is also based on the Chemistry Goes Digital concept, which has long been developed and tested with experts.

Where entrepreneurship meets innovation

Together with more than 40 young scientists, PhDs, business students and motivated students with a background in chemistry, biology, engineering, IT or economics, as well as entrepreneurs and industry experts, we aim for the creation of new business models for the third biggest industry in Germany. The moderators Sonja Jost (CEO DexLeChem), Dominic Franck (CEO Fairwindel), Jonathan Natzel (CEO Weltenmacher), Nina Fechler (Charité Berlin), Noah Yao (TU Berlin), and Marie Westphal (German Startups Association) as well as the industry experts of LANXESS, BASF, Digital Hub Mannheim/ Ludwigshafen, HTGF, MCEI, and many more provided all participants hands-on support during the whole workshop.

Thank you to all participants, we hope you had a great time. Thanks to our kind partners and sponsors LANXESSBASF and Digital Hub Mannheim/ Ludwigshafen as well as our cooperation partner Q Summit for their amazing support.

* The whole summary report on workshop results can be purchased by the German Startups Association. Contact to

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